Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Field Trip of the Year

Yesterday Becky, Kristie and I  made our last field trip of the year.  We left Becky's around 9:30 and headed to Sweet Home.  It was a party.  We saw Sharon H., along with Sharon B.A., here they are with Becky and Krisite.  We were all doing our best to help out Melissa with her end of year sale.  An added incentive was if you bought all that was on a bolt you wrote your name on the bold and put it in a bin, there is going to be a drawing for a gift certificate from the empty bolts.  If Kristie doesn't win it isn't because she didn't try.  I lost track of the number of bolts Kristie wrote her name on.  Becky and I each have one in there. Before leaving we also ran into Gretchen and Steve.

Our next stop was Patrick's.  Krisitie was looking for some floral fat quarters for a project she has in mind.  I found a piece of neutral for an applique background and a piece of red, you can never have too much red fabric.  Becky bought a bag of oranges, no fabric.  They sure did look good.

Kristie was showing off her finished top from the latest swap that we did.  I am feeling really guilty, mine is still in pieces.

My last stop of the day was to pick up some floss at Hobby Lobby, while there I found the looked for the trim that Kristie and I fell in love with on our last field trip.  I had no idea that they would have it.  Krisite was showing off the trim she found there so I looked and luckily it was still on sale.  I bought two years, I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but I will find something fun.


Gretchen said...

Thanks for posting your field trip!! I love Becky's oranges lol! How did y'all pass up all the yummy candy and jams at Patrick's? Don't worry my swap quilt is still just pieces too. Love the trim. If I find it in my path, I bet I'll buy some too :)

A Quilter Awakens said...

I love that trim too, but never bought any. It looks like everyone had fun on the outing. I went to Sweet Home Wednesday, so I missed all of you, but I got my name in the empty bolt drawing. I hope one of us wins! Karmen

Becky said...

I'm feeling real "airhead", but what will you use your trip for? Love your photos! Friday was such a fun day. It was a blast visiting with everyone. You should have taken some oranges. We still haven't tried any. Have a great week!