Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carrie Hall

One of my UFO's for this year is the Carrie Hall sampler from  Homestead Hearth from a couple of years ago.  I got off to a great start but then haven't done much on it.  Now that I have finished the Snowmen A-Z blocks I can get back to work on my applique.  This is one of the less complicated larger blocks, for some reason the blocks that I have left to do are the really complicated ones.  I am going to finish this before the year is out.  I am going to finish this before the year is out.  (I have to keep telling myself that.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Show and Tell at Thimbles

I am always inspired by Thimbles weekend.  The last few weeks, I have been unable to get motivated to do any sewing, but my creative juices are flowing once again.  Thimbles was last weekend, and there were some beautiful quilts for show and tell.  Suzanne finally finished the hundreds of flying geese necessary for the beauty above.
Sandra and her version of Sylvia's Bridal Quilt.

Kristie's miniature Jo Morton.

Kristie's Jelly Roll Block of the month from Moose on the Porch.
And last but not least Carmen's fan quilt.  I worked on my Bonnie Hunter Patches and Pinwheels.  I almost have all of the blocks sewn together, now to decide on a border. 

Farming Cowgirl

 I grew up on a farm in Mississippi, and the entire time I swore that I would never, ever work in a garden when I became an adult.  Well I am eating those words, and hopefully some veggies later in the year.  On Saturday, hubby and I started clearning off our new garden venture.  (our neighbor who passed away recently had given us permission to use his garden).  The plot is much bigger than we originally thought, Hubby is really excited.  We plan on planting potatoes, corn, tomoatoes, okra, beans, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, and watermelons. 

It is too early to plant most things, but we did plant two rows of potatoes.  Don't know if they will come up or not but we are giving them a try.  Wish us luck.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quiet Week

Not much has been going on the last week.  For some reason I can't seem to get into the sewing mode.  I did go the the Sewing Expo last weekend, you would think that would have motivated me, not so much.  I did buy a new dress pattern and fabric to go with it.  I have cut it out, but haven't started it.  I also bought a piece of yellow knit for a dress, a pale sea foam green  cotton for a dress, and a "bark" color of linen for a pair of pants. I need to get busy making some spring and summer clothes.
The only quilt sewing that I have done is to put the borders on my March UFO, Grandpa's Best.  It is going off to the quilter on Friday.  I love this quilt, it is a pattern that I would definitely make again, but bigger.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Folk Art Tribute

Here is the latest in the Folk Art Tribute BOM from
Linen Closet Quilts.  I am definitely loving this quilt.  The blocks are big and the applique is easy.  This is one BOM that I have been able to keep up with. I think that there are only two more blocks to go, can't wait to see them.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


 I know I am a little late getting started with the Eventide Quilt Along from Cupcakes and Dasies. I love this quilt pattern, I like any pattern that has stars in it.  I know I wasn't going to start a new quilt, but I just couldn't help myself.   It took me a while to decide on the fabric that I wanted to used, I have been looking through my stash but couldn't really come up with fabrics that got my juices flowing.  I decided that I would just have to buy a few new pieces to go along with some of the ones from my stash.   I decided to pick up some of the Moda Luna Notte line, there are some wonderful dark prints that I could use with fabrics that I already had.
 Here are some of the fabrics that I am using.  I think I still  need to get another couple of darker pieces for the Ohio Star blocks.
I have most of the pieces cut, and started working on the large triangle blocks.  I decided to use peach as the constant fabric in these blocks. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

World Book Day

Today is  World Book Day.  I never actually realized there was a World Book Day until this year.  I knew there was a Read Across America, which was yesterday and the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  We are celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday tomorrow at school, with the studnets wearing their pj's and doing special activities in the classroom.  I will be dressed as the Cat in the Hat.  I hope to plan ahead and have an entire week of celebrations next year to cover both World Book Day and Read Across America Day.  At school I will be reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  The kids have a great time making all of the noises with me.  I have been branching out in my at home reading.  I usually don't read biographies or authbiographies but my friend Becky, recommended The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls.  I just finished it today and have to say it was wonderful.  It is one of those books that really makes you think, and makes you thankful for everything that you have.  I know that after finishing this I will think twice before I complain about something in my house or not having something.  For purely entertainment purposes, I have just started The Union Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverinni, this book is set during the Civil War and relates the story of how the women of Pennsylvania manged without their loved ones.   I enjoy  most of her books, some are better than others (in my opinion)  and so far this one is a winner. Celebrate World Book day by reading a book!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

National Pig Day, Oh, my!!

How did I miss this yesterday?  I have no idea.  My only excuse is that it has been one of those weeks, if it could go wrong it has.  Not only have things gone wrong at home but at school.  My big problem has been a scheduled author visit for today that has been planned for months, and she didn't show.  Do you have any idea what it is like to have 100 second grade students sitting in front of you waiting for a "famous author"  who never shows up?  It is not pleasant!!  I did everything but stand on my head to entertain them, thinking that she was just running late and would show up any minute. She did finally call, 40 minutes after her first program was to start.  It was not east explaining to an entire school that the program was cancelled because the author got lost.  Trying to get it rescheduled.  The only bright spot in the week has been the delivery of a box from the Fat Quarter Shop.  (more on that tomorrow)