Saturday, January 8, 2011

UFO's for 2011

My goal this year is to finish some projects, I have way too many projects in varying stages of completion.  Buckeye Beauty to the right is almost ready to go to the quilter.  I have to finish sewing the blocks together and put the border on.  I have only been working on this for two years.
Turning Twenty that is ready to go to the quilters.

I started the blocks for Snowmen A-Z last year on New Year's Day.  I have 10 of them completed. This is one that will definitely be finished for Christmas this year. 

Pinwheels and Patches, or maybe it is the other way, this was a swap that several of the Timbles participated in early last year.  I had all of the blocks finished but wasn't paying enough attention, and some of them were sewn the wrong way.  I could have gone ahead and sewn them together, but something about it bothered me.I have taken them apart and now just have to put them back together.
Some of my other UFO's for the year are:

5.  Grandpa's Best:  I bought the fabric for the borders, have to do those then get it quilter.
6.  Carrie Hall:  This was on my list last year, maybe this year.
7.  Wrapped in Comfort:  This is a large pillow cover designed by Pat over at Silver Thimble.
8.  Neighbor's Fence:  Not one but two of these are at exactly the same stage.  I made these from my flannel stash, just have to add borders and get it quilted.
9.  Scrappy Nines:  Long way to go on this one.
10.  Stargazing:  Another long way to go.
There are no photos of 5-10 because I can't get to them in my sewing room.
Wish me luck.


Elisabeth said...

It is good to finish som old projects. My promise to myself this year is that I will try to finish my projects and not start on a new one before I have finish those I have. Good luck to you on your finishing.


Micki said...

I am lucky...I only have one UFO, but good luck with yours!

Ann Marie said...

You can do it, and as you get going you will probably start reorganizing too just like most of the rest of us have done in the past few months. Something about it just makes the creativity flow even more. Can't wait to see the snowman one, I love snowmen!