Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Love Christmas

This year I decided to switch things up a little with my decorating.  I promised DH that I wouldn't put out all of my nutcrackers this year, I only put out about a 1/3 of them.  I also made a new garland to go over the mantle with some antique ornaments that I found at an antique store a few weeks ago.  I think it turned out ok, I'm not usually crafty when it comes to things like this.

I found this little silver/gold tree at the same antique store along with the crochet doily that I am using for a tree skirt.  The silver/gold nutcracker was a gift from my mom last year for a Pre-christmas present.  The little Santa and sleigh belonged to my older brother when he was little, I decided that I needed it.  My mom always made a winter scene in the large picture window in our living room and the little sleigh was always a part of it.  She also used ornaments, pine cones, and candles, This was one of the first things my mom would do to decorate for Christmas, we always had a real tree and it didn't go up until about  a week before Christmas.  We never purchased a tree, we always went out into the woods to cut one, my dad usually had one already picked out about a month before Christmas.  That is one of my favorite memories of Christmas, going out with my brother and dad to cut our tree.  I miss my dad everyday, but more so at the holidays.  Enough reminiscing, out tree is up a couple of years ago I bought an artificial tree to help out with my DH's allergies.  It isn't a bad tree, just not a real one.

I spent half of my day looking for this Santa and our stockings, I was starting to panic I thought that possibly they had been thrown away after last Christmas.  Of course I found them in the last place I looked today, the basement.  

Hope everyone's decorating is going well!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Tradition

Love Mother Earth draped in blue and white lights
 A few years ago the Atlanta Botanical Gardens started a new Christmas tradition with their Garden of Lights.  DH and I have been every year for the last four years.  This year we were accompanied by my brother and his new wife.  They have lived in the area for several years and we have never been able to get them to go with us, they barely made it since they are moving at the end of this month.
One of my favorites, even though there are no lights

Poinsettia tree, absolutely beautiful

Pegasus no idea who the person in the corner is.

Large tree in the courtyard.

If you are in the area and get a chance to go it is open until  January.

Friday, December 5, 2014

This is why I am tired!!

 Every year I do something special in the media center, usually the Polar Express.  This year I decided to branch out and I am turning the media center into Whoville.  I have the Grinch and Max outside the  media center.
Group of trees inside the door
 I absolutely love this idea that I found on Pintrest.  A tree made from streamers hanging from the ceiling and we have tall ceilings in the media center. This is just the beginning.  More to come next week.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Winter made an early appearance in Atlanta this week, I am writing this as watching the news showing all of the snow in Buffalo and other parts of the North, so I am not complaining.  Last weekend we were at the cabin and woke up to temperatures in the low 20's on Saturday morning.  We put off doing our outside jobs as long as possible but eventually had to get to work.  My job was to clear the drive way of leaves, part of our drive way is very steep and the wet leaves can make getting up the drive difficult at some times.  Here is the drive way before blowing the leaves:
Drive way after blowing leaves
Actually I didn't even get to completely finish, the first blower died a sudden death.  We then got out the electric blower, it didn't even last 10 minutes until smoke and flames started coming out of it.  A new blower is definitely in our future.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pillows everywhere

I am on a pillow making roll.  The first one I made for November, Be Thankful has been very popular.  I even had several people ask for a pillow in the same colors but with their child's name on it, of course no pumpkins.  I decided to do some for Christmas.  Each pillow is my own design and uses my hand dyed wool.  All of these pillows are the same size so all you have to do is slip the form out from the back and put your new cover on.
Santa and his sleigh on red.
Santa and his sleigh on white.

Holly Jolly with red jingle bells in each coner.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm ready for winter

This is my new sweatshirt, had it custom done by a friend of mine, Quilting is My Superpower.  I need all the super power help I can get now. I am in the middle of book fair at school, trying to make some wool samples for a class, get ready for Thanksgiving, and do some quilting.  If interested in purchasing a sweatshirt send me an email and I can help you.  Thanks.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crazy stocking

Crazy Stocking
I absolutely love all of the wool patterns over at Primitive Gatherings.  My new favorite one is the Crazy Christmas Stocking.  I got the pattern a couple of days ago and have already got all of the background pieces selected and wool for the appliques read to go.  My plan for tonight is to trace all of the applique designs and get started.  If all goes as planned you will see the beginnings tomorrow.  Everyone in my family already has cross-stitched stockings that I have made over the years, but I couldn't help myself and  just have to make this one.  You can never have too  many stockings!  Actually if I get it finished in time I am going to donate it to the Silent Auction that our school  has for Relay for Life.  I have a few weeks before the auction so maybe I can get it done.  Wish me luck.
Wool ready to be made into a stocking.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm a happy camper

I am  a member of the fusible camp when it comes to wool applique.  It seems you either really like it or really don't like it.  I think that it makes the applique much easier.  I have never found that it "GUNKED" up my needle or found it difficult to stitch through.  My favorite product has been off of the market for a while and I am happy to say it is back and I have some.  It came in the  mail yesterday and I have already  used some on a new project I am working on.  So happy. It is still hard to locate but I do have several packs for sale over at Pig in a Blanket.  I spent most of the day dyeing wool, haven't done any dyeing in the last few weeks, really haven't felt like it.  I did some "Sue Spargo" brights and some reds and greens for  the holidays, tomorrow I hope to get some golds done.  Have a great evening.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Small Project finished

Just finished this little table topper/lap quilt.  I usually make really big projects but have decided to start making some smaller ones.  I actually started this last summer from a Charm Pack that I had in my stash for a couple of years.  The pattern is from a Country Threads book, I think,  As usual Leisa did a great job quilting it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trying to expand

Sometimes it is hard to do it all!!  Work has been keeping me extremely busy, our school is in the process of getting all new technology and since I am part of the technology team it is taking a big part of each day.  I have also had a really bad cold, I hate having a cold!  At the same time I have been working really hard on my website and trying to get the word out about  my wool business.  I have a second blog that is strictly wool related, which is what I want to get away from on this one and get back to posting about quilting.  My other blog is over at, I would love for you to go over and check it out.  If you will check it out, leave a comment there and blog about it you will be entered to win a kit from my store of your choosing,  (except for the Snowbound Kit).  Leave a comment and blog about it by Tuesday November 4, election day.  Can't wait to read everyone's comments.  I am really anxious to do some regular quilting.  I have two quilts that I started this summer and would love to finish, in addition to all of the other UFO's in my sewing room.  I am also trying to clear out some items that I know I will no longer use.  I have been through all of my quilting books and cleaned those out.  I used to give them to Goodwill, now I am listing them on Amazon.  I didn't expect to sell any of them, but have been pleasantly surprised at the number I have sold.  I am also cleaning out my fabric, I have more fabric than I will ever use in three life times.  I have started listing some of it on ebay and again have been pleasantly surprised at the amount I have sold.  My new motto is "Simplify".  

Monday, October 27, 2014


I am so excited about getting my Snowbound quilt back from Leisa that I have decided to put together a wool kit for it again.  I did this last year for Pat over at Silver Thimble, and thought since I just got mine back it would be a good time to offer it again.

Here are the colors that are in the kit, or very very similar to the ones in the kit.  Since all of the colors are hand dyed there might a slight variance in the colors.  The kit also comes with all of the white wool that you need for the snowmen and snowflakes, this is a great project to get your home ready for winter.  Nothing about it screams Christmas so you could leave it out until February, if you didn't get sick of it before then.  If you are interested in the kit check out my store at  As an added incentive mention this post and you will receive a 15% discount if you order by November 4th, Election Day.  Look forward to hearing from you.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

 Pennies for Halloween, my new wool pillow.  Hope to get it completed in the next day or two.  This will be the same size as the other pillows that I am making, this way it will be easy to switch them out for the different months.

Got my Snowbound table topper back from Leisa a couple of days ago.  Absolutely love it!!! Leisa does the best and I do  mean best job of quilting.  Can't wait to get the binding on this one.  It is a pattern from Silver Thimble Quilt Co.  Check out their wonderful patterns.

Close up of one of the snowmen.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's a pillow

Finished my "Be Thankful" pillow yesterday, along with two others that I had orders for.  I started one for December that has Holly Jolly on it.  The background is off white and the words are in red.  I am going to put some red bells on it.  If interested in a kit for "Be Thankful"  check on  my store Pig In a Blanket Wools.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Just realized I forgot to announce the winner of the Primitive Gatherings Pinkeep kit.  The lucky winner is:  Paula at Hugs and Stitches.  Please send me your mailing address and it will go out this week.  I also have my first original design that I am offering at my store.  Check it out over at Pig in a Blanket Wools.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wool Give Away

One of my very first wool projects was a pincushion. Pincushions are really easy to make, they  are quick to make and are useful.  Visit my new website Pig in a Blanket Wools for some of my hand dyed wools and some of my wool kits.  Leave a message  about your favorite wool project for a chance to  win a  Primitive Gatherings Pincushion pattern and a kit featuring my hand dyed wools along with the necessary thread and even a needle!  If you have never worked with wool, let me know why you would like to.  Can't wait to hear from everyone.  You have until next Monday to leave a comment.  Thanks. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Reason it was the best

I am not a huge football fan, but I do enjoy a good game.  Being from Mississippi I usually don't have anything to brag about but this week is different; Ole Miss and Mississippi State are tied for third in the AP college football poll.  I guess it is a matter of state pride, my brother went to Ole Miss and I took a couple of classes at Mississippi State while at Mississippi University for Women.  I have never been to a college football game but if I were to ever go to one, I would want to go to an Ole Miss game and party in the Grove, (or maybe a University of Georgia game).  Hope their winning streaks keep up!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

OMG, Best Weekend ever

This was one of the best and I do mean best weekends that I have had in a long, long time.  I did my first show at the Stars 'N' Quilts Show here in Atlanta.  I had no idea what to expect and it definitely exceeded my expectations.  When I arrived at the event center on Friday I knew that things would go well when I saw my booth area, directly overhead was  9 point buck.  I felt right at home, since we have a few of these on the walls at our house  It was so exciting to set up  my first show.
Here is my sign for Pig in a Blanket Wools.

My booth

Close up of my "woolie bullies"

One of the quilts in the show, I have the blocks for this, need to finish it.

Beautiful sampler quilt.

This was one of the prize winners at the show and of course it had lots of wool applique.

Check back for more quilts from the show.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My first time as a Vendor

Pig in a Blanket Little Woolie Bundles
Scrap bags will be a show special, reg. $15.00, special for $10.00
Wish  me luck this weekend with my first show.  I will be at the Stars 'N' Stitches Quilt Show this weekend.  I am both excited and nervous!!!  If you live in the Atlanta area check it out.  I will have lots and lots of my hand dyed wool, some patterns, needles, steam a seam lite, kits, and lots of other goodies.
I put the binding on this last night.  It is a pattern and kit that I will have at the show.

I am a follower of Lisa Bongean and a firm believer in Lite Steam-A-Seam 2.  This product is just now back on the market and I will have it available to sell.

I also will have Pocket Full of Posies patterns and kits.  This makes a great sewing bag, or little bag for goodies.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Almost Fall

Fall is my second favorite season, winter is my all time favorite, and there are signs that fall is almost here.  While at the cabin this past weekend, I noticed that the leaves on the dogwoods were starting to turn, along with some of the leaves on the poplar trees.

While taking a walk, I noticed a few leaves that had already turned and fallen off of the trees.  The weather was also a little bit cooler.

Acorns are also starting to fall.  At times it sounded like gun shots!!! The acorns are huge this year, this is after a poor acorn year last year.  For the first time in months, after putting out corn for the deer, no deer showed up to eat; they didn't have too!!  All of these acorns should make all of the forest creatures happy!!

After communing with nature, we went into Blue Ridge on Saturday afternoon for the Blues and BBQ Festival.  We had a great time!  This is the fourth year for this event and our second year going.  It gets better every year.  Of course there is great BBQ for many different local and some not so local restaurants, and food trucks.  The bands were great, we saw three of the five bands on the ticket for the day.  My favorite was Samantha Gray, she sounded just like Janice Joplin, wonderful voice.  If you have never been to Blue Ridge you should definitely go.  Fall is a wonderful time to go, ride the train, visit Mercier's Apple Orchard, go on a hike, or just hang out in town there are some great shops.