Wednesday, February 15, 2017

200 years of Fashion

Last Friday we were out of school for a snow day, it was also the perfect birthday present.  I had been wanting to visit the SCAD Museum of Fashion in Atlanta, there was a special exhibit covering 200 years of fashion.  It was fascinating.  I have read a lot about fashion through the ages and have always been fascinated by all of the different layers that women have had to wear.  I have also been fascinated by the "undergarments" that women had to wear.  I can't image the whalebone stays that women had to wear to make their waist appear smaller, that had to be just too painful.  My favorite period is the 1920's. Women were finally able to dress to suit themselves, no more painful stays, no layers of undergarments, and they could finally show a little bit of "leg".  If you are in the Atlanta area you should definitely check it out.
"At home" dresses from the 1840's.