Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Through the Year

Last year I got off to a great start with working on Christmas projects each month, but sadly toward the end of the year I slacked off and shouldn't have.  My goal is to be better at it this year.  My January project was three kitchen towels, embroidered with "Let it Snow" and some snowflakes.  This was a free pattern Birdbrain designs, they have several different free stitchery patterns.  ( I am into free this year).  I purchased the towels at Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon earlier this year.  The towels worked up very quickly and are put away until the holidays. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pigs on Parade

After dyeing wool for the last few weeks, I decided that I really should make somethhing out of it.  I decided on a pincushion.  Since I love pigs it was a no brainer, a pig pincushion.  I think they turned out pretty good.  I am keeping the yellow and pink one, the purple and pink one is for a friend who likes purple.  The next one I make I think will be "when pigs fly" all I have to do is add a pair of wings.  Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stuck in the Civil War

I love to read, especially historical fiction.  Lately I seem to be stuck in the Civil War.  I just finished reading Mrs.  Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It is her first historical fiction novel and it is very good, definitely a departure from the  Elm Creek Quilters novels that she is best known for.  I have always loved reading about the Civil War, and Abraham Lincoln.  I have never read that much about Mrs. Lincoln and after reading Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker I want to read more about Mrs. Lincoln.

  At the same time I was reading this book, I was listening to a book on CD in my car, My Name is Mary Sutter.  ( the radio stations in Atlanta are awful and I have had to resort to listening to books, not a hardship).   I didn't realize when I started listening to it that it would mirror, Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker.  It has been very interesting experiencing the Civil War from two very different perspectives.  The main character in My Name is Mary Sutter is a white, upper class female who wants to be a surgeon; while the main character in Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker is a female former slave.  Both books are very good reads and I would recommend both of them if you like historical fiction.  If I had to pick one, I would probably pick My Name is Mary Sutter as the best, but that is just me.  Enjoy!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day off

I have had the best day, make that best weekend.  Friday night was Thimbles, got to see all of my good friends, the only bad thing was three of the thimbles are moving.  Kristie is moving to Louisiana in February, Sandra is moving to Iowa when school is out, and Mercedine is moving at the end of summer.  Boo Hoo.  I am still working on Odd's and End's from  Primitive Gatherings, it is easy to work on and talk at the same time.  Saturday was cleaning day, not my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done.  Sunday was sewing room cleaning day, this was way overdue dinner; Sunday night dinner was with some wonderful friends at Ted's.  Today was great just because I didn't have to go to work, last week was probably the worst week in my working career, so anything would be an improvement.  I did some sewing, still working on Easy Street.  I am slowly getting there.  I also got some projects ready to take to Elijay in a couple of weeks.  I also made the first block in the Dixie Diary, Barbara Brackmans' BOM.  (no pictures of anything camera problems).  I also started the Lady of the Lake block from Homestead Hearth, I had already received the first two months and hadn't done a thing with either one, almost finished both months.  I am loving this quilt.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you were off for the day hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

And the Winner is!!!

I should have announced this on Thursday, but some times life gets in the way of doing the things that we would really like to do.  The winner of the Edyta Sitar Book is::::  Mary, if you will send me your address I will get your book in the mail.  I really enjoyed reading all of the different family traditions that people have.  I hope that everyone has a great New Year.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First great read of 2013

The Light Between OceansI had been wanting to read this book and it was on my Christmas list, my brother gave it to me for Christmas.  I waited until the New Year to start it and it is great!!  It is the story of Tom and Isabel, light house keepers in Australia in the late 1920's.  Tom is a survivor of WWI, who finds solace in the isolation of his job.  When he meets and marries Isabel feels extremely lucky to have both  the perfect job and wife. Problems arise when Isabel has a miscarriage, followed fairly quickly by a second miscarriage then the stillbirth of a child.  Just days following the stillbirth a boat washes up on shore with the body of a man, and a living child.  Isabel talks Tom into keeping the child.  This changes not only Tom and Isabel's lives but the lives of numerous other people.  Won't give away anyone, but will say that I cried at the end.  Great Read.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Country Threads BOM

I need to think about finishing the projects that I have started, not starting new ones, but sometimes you just can't help yourself.  I have always liked sampler quilts and when I saw this one I decided that I had to do it.  The girls over at Country Threads have started an new online sampler BOM, this isn't a mystery quilt you know what it looks like going in.  (which I like).  I also like the fact that it is monthly, I love Barbara Brackman's block of the week, but I have an awful time keeping up with them.  For January there were two Sawtooth Star blocks, a 12" and a 6" block.  I made both of them yesterday.  Check it out!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Fireworks

I know New Year's was actually a couple of days ago, but I've been busy.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.  I always look forward to the start of a new year, it seems so fresh and exciting, unfortunately it usually doesn't take me too long to get bogged down in mundane everyday tasks.  I am going to try really hard this year to be better about  that.  Back to the post title, Fireworks; ever since I was a little kid one tradition in our family was to have fireworks on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.  I think I got as excited about the fireworks as I did the actual holiday.  Every year a few days before Christmas Eve my dad would go out and buy a huge back of fireworks.  On Christmas Eve, my dad, my brother, and me would get bundled up and go out to "blow up the world" as my mom put it.  (she never took part).  It was so much fun.  We usually managed to sneak in a few fireworks  between the two holidays.  Eventually, my brother got married and moved away.  For a few years he would come home for the holidays and we continued our tradition.  Then after several more years I moved away,  but I always came home for Christmas, and no matter when I arrived home there would be a huge bag of fireworks waiting for me.  At this point it was just me and my dad, my brother stopped coming home for the holidays.  Then came the first year  that there were no fireworks waiting for me, my dad had passed away.  I have to admit Christmas just wasn't the same that year.  My DH knew that it meant a lot to  me so for the last four years he has bought me fireworks.  You should have seen me on New Year's Eve, in our yard in suburban Atlanta with my fireworks.  It is so much fun.  I know it is a silly tradition, but a tradition none the less and I love doing it.  What does this have to do with quilting you ask?  Well it is a very long introduction to a give away.  Edyta Sitar is one of my favorite designers, and she has a great book,  called Scrappy Firework Quilts.  I think it is so great that I actually bought two of them.  I will give one away next Thursday, January 10 to a random person who makes a comment on my blog about one of their family traditions, it doesn't have to be a holiday tradition.  I look forward to reading your comments.  If you make a post on your blog, your name goes in twice.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UFO goals for 2013

I am going to start out by saying that these aren't the best photos ever.  I should have taken some better ones, but didn't take the time.  I am proud of the progress I made last year on my UFO's, if I can do so well this year.  My first one is a Schnibble from I don't remember when, Paganini.  It is almost finished, just the borders.

Next comes a BOM from a couple of years ago, from Moose on the Porch.  There were 12 blocks I have 8 of them complete, I couldn't even find the pattern for the other 4, thankfully my friend Kristie over at M.S. Doolittle had the  patterns online no less and emailed them to me. 

I started this one about three years ago at a retreat at FFA.  I love the pattern and don't know why I haven't finished it before now.  The name of it is Black Diamonds from Country Threads.  I only have a couple of blocks finished but the fabrics are there to pick up and finish.

Believe it or not this has been on my list for three years, I am definitely finishing it this year.

Another Schnibbles, Imagine.  I can't even find all of the pieces for it.  Hopefully, I still have them so that I can finish it.  Who knew that it would take so long to make a Schnibble.

This is one that I just started in 2012, from Primitive Gatherings.  The name of it is Odds and Ends.  It is a scrappy quilt, I used civil war repros for it.  All of the strips are cut and most are sewn together.  It shouldn't take too long to get together.

Another 2012 start, this is Pat and Debby's mystery quilt.  I only have 2 more steps to go on this one.  I have seen the completed quilt and can't wait to finish it.
The other UFO's for the year include, Christmas Reel from Primitive Gatherings.  This one is nine large blocks of applique.  I have three of the blocks done.  I also want to finish two Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts, Orca Bay and Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.  I have an ambitious year planned.  If I can keep from starting too many new projects maybe I can finish all of these.  Wish me luck.