Monday, July 28, 2008

Let Your Inner Freak Out

Since things have been so crazy around our house this summer we didn't go on a real vacation. We went to Asheville, NC on Friday for their Bele Chere festival, it is held the last weekend of July. There are lots of arts and crafts booths plus all kinds of music concerts. The concerts range from Bluegrass to Hard Rock. The best thing about all of the concerts, they are free. Friday night we listened to Balsam Range, a Bluegrass group, and on Saturday we wandered around and listened to various groups. This is our fourth year going to Bele Chere. It is a lot of fun. There is one thing you definitely have to bring to the festival: an open mind. As the local paper put it, make sure that you bring an open mind because many people use this as an excuse to "let their inner freak out". (As did the person in the photo) This caused Joe and I to have an interesting discussion. Do you have an inner Freak? After a long discussion Joe decided that he missed out on the inner freak gene. I agreed with him 100%. We both came to the conclusion that I had inherited an inner freak gene, it had just never been encouraged to blossom. I think with very little encouragement I could Freak with the best of them. How about you do you have an inner freak? What is the freakiest thing you have ever done?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting back in the groove!

After a recovery day yesterday, I am getting back in the groove today. I have two projects for the day. I want to work on my Firecrackers quilt started last week at Sisters, (I haven't touched it since Friday.) and I have a pair of pants cut out. I decided I needed to make some back to school clothes. The pattern I am making is the Artisan Pant by Indygo Junction. This is the second time I have used one of their patterns and I really like them. I thought these pants would be great for school. They have elastic in the waist, which I am really into these days. The pair I have cut out is black, if I like the way they fit, I have a brown pinstripe that I will probably make also.
This is one reason my stash is soooo big. I have two different ones, one for quilting fabric and one for clothing fabric. The quilting one is much much bigger. The clothing stash only has the basics in it, however, I have found myself digging into it more and more lately. I even found fabric to make a top to go with the pants. Getting the pants and a top done, will probably take me through next week, then it is off to school.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Missing My Sisters

Yesterday was one of the best, and I do mean best days of my entire summer. I met at the local quilt shop for Sitch'n Sisters, it was so relaxing. Sitch'n Sisters is held two weekends a month at one of our local quilt shops. During the school year I have to go at night, but in the summer I try to attend the day time sessions. There is a monthly project you work on or you can "do your own thing." Pay Wys is our fearless leader, or Sister Superior as she is more commonly called. Many of the projects are her own designs, which are wonderful. I had to miss last month because of my surgery, so I definitely wanted to get there this month. The project his month was called Firecrackers. The shop had a kit that you could purchase but I decided to use up some of my stash for the project. Since the name of the quilt was Firecrackers. I went with a red, white and blue theme. My friend Becky was doing the same color way, so we switched out some fabrics. Another good friend, Kristie was also using up stash charm packs. Her quilt will have a vintage calico look. Very nice! Of course I didn't finish my top, even though it was very simple. This is as much a social occasion as anything. Becky headed home for dinner out with her family and Krisitie was staying for the evening, I had to get home as I had company coming for the weekend. That is why I am missing my sisters today, Becky and Kristie are back there today, probably have already finished that project and working on another. Have a great day sewing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good Book Blocks

I am usually horrible at keeping up with Block of the Month programs. I have been fairly successful with the Pat Sloan blocks that are done with her book club. I had gotten behind, but today I managed to make both June and July. I have to admit I got carried away and decided to do the blocks in two color ways. I am really enjoying the books and completing the blocks.

I also managed to get the binding sewn on a small lap quilt yesterday. (In case you can't tell red is my favorite color.) I purchased the fabric last year while on our local shop hop with my friends Becky, Gretchen, Pat, and Debbie. I am getting some of my fabric put together and out of my stash. I have two other tops that I need to get the binding on.

I also completed my stash pot pie blocks. It has taken me two days to decide how to lay the blocks out. I have never done a quilt on point before, so it has taken me a while to get it together.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Read

I had the best book to read over the Fourth of July weekend, the new Emile Richards book: Sister's Choice. I was the very first person to get it from my local library. It is part of her Shenandoah Album series. I had hoped that I would be able to pick it up before the holiday. My husband and I were heading up to our cabin in Blue Ridge and I wanted a really good book to read. I started it Thursday morning and finished it Sunday afternoon. It wouldn't have taken so long but I did have to stop occasionally and do some other things like cook. If you are looking for a good book to read, I definitely recommend this one.