Sunday, January 12, 2014

Good neighbors, plus a boat load of wool

Joe and I have been in our house for 16 years, and it that time we have been blessed with the best neighbors that a person could have.  Our subdivision was built in the early 60's and many people on our street have lived here since the houses were built.  Unfortunately over the last few years many of our neighbors have passed away.  Last year the lady next door died after a long illness,  her husband was devastated but finally seems to be coming around.  A few days ago I took him his overdue Christmas present ( I always bake him something), while visiting with him he told me he had something for me, he disappeared for a few minutes and came back with this beautiful coat.  The picture does not do it justice.  It had belong to his wife and she only wore it one time.  It is in perfect shape, original buttons, and mink collar.  On his wife it was a full length  coat on me it is knee length.  It is a perfect vintage find, the only thing I had to do is resew one  of the buttons.  He will definitely get lots more baked goods for this.

While admiring  my new coat I have been oh so busy dyeing wool.  I just finished dyeing 30 yards to be shipped to California tomorrow.  I absolutely love to dye wool but it is cutting into my sewing time.  I have almost finished the Yellow Brick Road that I stacked last week.  I have also decided that my blog is long overdue for a makeover, but that will have to wait for another day.

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