Monday, September 22, 2014

Almost Fall

Fall is my second favorite season, winter is my all time favorite, and there are signs that fall is almost here.  While at the cabin this past weekend, I noticed that the leaves on the dogwoods were starting to turn, along with some of the leaves on the poplar trees.

While taking a walk, I noticed a few leaves that had already turned and fallen off of the trees.  The weather was also a little bit cooler.

Acorns are also starting to fall.  At times it sounded like gun shots!!! The acorns are huge this year, this is after a poor acorn year last year.  For the first time in months, after putting out corn for the deer, no deer showed up to eat; they didn't have too!!  All of these acorns should make all of the forest creatures happy!!

After communing with nature, we went into Blue Ridge on Saturday afternoon for the Blues and BBQ Festival.  We had a great time!  This is the fourth year for this event and our second year going.  It gets better every year.  Of course there is great BBQ for many different local and some not so local restaurants, and food trucks.  The bands were great, we saw three of the five bands on the ticket for the day.  My favorite was Samantha Gray, she sounded just like Janice Joplin, wonderful voice.  If you have never been to Blue Ridge you should definitely go.  Fall is a wonderful time to go, ride the train, visit Mercier's Apple Orchard, go on a hike, or just hang out in town there are some great shops.

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