Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm a happy camper

I am  a member of the fusible camp when it comes to wool applique.  It seems you either really like it or really don't like it.  I think that it makes the applique much easier.  I have never found that it "GUNKED" up my needle or found it difficult to stitch through.  My favorite product has been off of the market for a while and I am happy to say it is back and I have some.  It came in the  mail yesterday and I have already  used some on a new project I am working on.  So happy. It is still hard to locate but I do have several packs for sale over at Pig in a Blanket.  I spent most of the day dyeing wool, haven't done any dyeing in the last few weeks, really haven't felt like it.  I did some "Sue Spargo" brights and some reds and greens for  the holidays, tomorrow I hope to get some golds done.  Have a great evening.

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Quilt n Queen said...

Yes, I am a happy camper too...I luv it!!