Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is this really a school?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if I work in a school, a pet store or a zoo.  We are very much a pet friendly place and you never know what kind of animals you will see when you go into a classroom.  The chicks are in a special ed. classroom, the class watched them hatch.  Unfortunately, the ones that hatched died and the teacher went out and found the same kind of chicks that were just a day old.  He is one of the best teachers.

Jack is the granddog of our retiring health teacher. 
I was looking forward to our PE teacher bringing in his goat, but the weather was just too bad.  Can't wait to see what kind of animals show up. 


A Quilter Awakens said...

It's awesome for children to see all types of animals up close and personal.

Elisa Black said...

That is so sweet that the teacher "replaced" the chicks for the children. And even if you didn't get to see the goat, that dog is awfully cute!! I thought school was over for you (you did a recent post about a lovely quilt you made for a co-worker/friend who was moving)-- do you do summer session? Here in CT, our kids don't end til 6/24 (a little extra late this year due to lots of snow days). I think its great that your school permits animals (is it a public school?) My degree is in environmental education, so I've worked with lots of animals (my favorite was a non-releasable red-tailed hawk that was blind in one eye). Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!