Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great Funny Read

My clerk said yesterday that since I read such a variety of books how did I decide what to read?  I thought about it before I answered and then said, I did lots of window shopping a the public library.  In some cases the books are wonderful and I discover a new author, in some cases the books don't do it for me and I don't even finish them.   Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter by Lisa Patton is one of those books that I devoured and didn't want to end. It has been a long time since I laughed out loud while reading a book.   My husband kept asking me what I was laughing at, and it just didn't translate well.  The main character Leelee Satterfield leaves her home in Memphis, TN to help hubby run an Inn in Vermont.  Needless to say, things don't go very smoothly for this Southern Bell in Yankee land.  I think one reason I loved it is because I grew up about 90 miles from Memphis, so I could relate.  If you are looking for a quick funny read I would definitely recommend this one.  I am anxiously awaiting the sequel this fall. 

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