Monday, June 6, 2011

Yippe, school is out

 School is finally out, and I have been making the best of it so far.  Last Tuesday was my last day of school and I wasted no time in heading to the mountains for what has become our annual quilting getaway in the mountains.  Becky, Kristie, and Pat were at my house last Wednesday morning about 9:30, we wasted no time in getting the cars loaded and taking off.  Our first stop was the quilt shop in Ellijay, I had never been there before and was really impressed.  We also did lunch while there at the Caterberry Cafe,  their tomato basil soup was wonderful.  Next stop was Food Lion in Blue Ridge to pick up more provisions.  I could do an entire post on our trip to Food Lion, but I will refrain. Next we headed to the quilt shop in Blue Ridge, I was looking for a border for Bonnie Hunter quilt that  I was determined to finish.  Thanks to Kristie for finding the perfect border for me. ( I must be in my purple  period, both quilts that I finished at the cabin have a purple border.)    Within 30 minutes of getting to the cabin we had everything unloaded, sewing machines up and we sewing away.

Sewing away!!!

Kristie at work on her minuscule project
Snack time

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