Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What will I do?

I don't know what I am going to do next year without my clerk.  Neva and I have worked together for the last four years, we came to Shiloh and started in the media center at the same time.  It has been the best working relationship.  Neva is always there ready and willing to do whatever I ask of her, I don't even have to ask most of the time.  It is like she can read  my mind and know what has to be done.  After much soul searching she and her family are moving to Dothan, AL to take care of her parents.  I completely understand this, but I am going to miss her.  I decided to make her a quilt as a going away present.  I wanted it to be one that was very girly looking, so her DH and DS wouldn't want to use it. I used a Moda jelly roll pack since I didn't have a lot of time to get it made.  Lisa quilted it for me and she did a wonderful job on it.  (I actually thought about keeping it)  I couldn't wait until the last day of school, I gave it to her last week.  Neva emailed me this photo of Cody, her poodle,  on the quilt.  It has the Cody stamp of approval.  I am glad that this is our last week of school, but I am very sad that it is the last week that Neva and I will be working together.  I already miss her. 

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