Monday, February 28, 2011

Three P's

 Three P's:  Patches, Pinwheels, and Pineapple.  What a strange combination!!!  The first two P's, Patches & Pinwheels, is a Bonnie Hunter quilt that I started last year.  Several of us decided to do a swap of Civil War repro fabrics and make this very, very scrappy quilt.  I think I am one of the few that hasn't finished mine.  I would have but, I didn't pay attention and put together all of the pinwheel blocks the same way, when in reality they should have been in two different ways.  I started not to worry about it, especially since I had already started sewing the rows together.  I kept looking at it and decided I had to  take half of the pinwheel blocks apart.  I decided last week to finish taking them apart and sewing them together the right way.  I am so glad that I did.  I have just a few more to go then the blocks will be all ready to sew together again.  I keep looking at the blocks trying to decide what kind of borders I want to use, but I think I will have to wait until the blocks are all sewn together  before I decide what to use for the borders.
 Now for the last P, Pineapple.  For Christmas, my hubby wanted a cast iron dutch oven.  He has been looking at them for several years, really ever since we were in Cheyenne for Frontier Days and went to the Chuck Wagon Cook off.  We had the best bread pudding that we have ever tasted.  This inspired hubby to try his hand at cooking the old fashioned way.  He decided his first effort would be a Pineapple upside down cake.  He lit the charcoal, poured in the batter and sat back to watch it cook.
After 30 minutes he removed the lid.
 His first try was a huge success, the cake was delicious.  I have decided that he can do all of the baking now!


Gretchen said...

Ha my patches & pinwheels is still in its bag so you are far ahead of me. Yum the pineapple upside down cake looks great. He can always bring some to Thimbles:)

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Oh that looks very yummy! Love your patches and pinwheels too. Looks great!

Elisabeth said...

Three realy nice P´s !!

The quilt looks so nice I will try that one time too. I would like to taste the pineapple cake too :-)


Waytogojb said...

Oh, your quilt is so pretty. Hope I get to see it quilted! Just looking at the cake brings back memories. It was my Dad's favorite and Mom always made it for his birthday. Even though he's gone on, I think I'll make one on his birthday which is coming up soon.

Becky said...

Your Patches and Pinwheels is looking great:) I'll have to read the directions to make sure I make the pinwheels right the first time. Joe's cake looks awesome.