Wednesday, March 2, 2011

National Pig Day, Oh, my!!

How did I miss this yesterday?  I have no idea.  My only excuse is that it has been one of those weeks, if it could go wrong it has.  Not only have things gone wrong at home but at school.  My big problem has been a scheduled author visit for today that has been planned for months, and she didn't show.  Do you have any idea what it is like to have 100 second grade students sitting in front of you waiting for a "famous author"  who never shows up?  It is not pleasant!!  I did everything but stand on my head to entertain them, thinking that she was just running late and would show up any minute. She did finally call, 40 minutes after her first program was to start.  It was not east explaining to an entire school that the program was cancelled because the author got lost.  Trying to get it rescheduled.  The only bright spot in the week has been the delivery of a box from the Fat Quarter Shop.  (more on that tomorrow)

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