Monday, February 21, 2011

Red Shoes, and pink pigs

 Here they are, my new red shoes.  I love them!!!  I did learn one important thing, don't wear them without socks, you guessed it my feet were as read as my shoes when I took them off. 
A friend at school gave me these pink scissors and the cute little beaded pig scissor fob.  Only a few more days left to celebrate my birthday month.

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Sandra Henderson said...

I love them! I use to get red moccasins with beading and a belt when we would go up to tennessee for vacations as a child. I have to get a pair now! You've reminded me of how much I loved them! Don't they make you happy?!? ;)
Well, happy birthday, late. Love the scissors too! I'm making scissor keepers right now as my very late pay it forward gifts. I know you have a year they say, but gosh, it's almost may! Always, cant have too many scissors and I love these with the pig fob. I saw some little pigs here the other day. Sorry you had a bug. Love all the quilts! What fun to be able to go to a night like that to visit and sew. Very motivating I'm sure. Y'all do lovely work! Have you ever been down to suzannes quilt shop? They are having snot her retreat soon and ive been wanting to go visit that shop in moultrie. Oh and go to the Agrirama. ;)
Nice to catch up with you...
Are you coming down this way this yer?!?,!