Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I fell like it has been ages since I have even thought about blogging.  I know that I am overdue to announce the winner of my birthday give away part II.  Things have been really crazy in my little world. I had a birthday, met my new principal for next year, (he seems very nice), had Valentine's Day, a stomach bug (that you don't want to hear about), and a very good neighbor passed away.  All of that in just the last week.  The birthday was wonderful, hubby made it a very special day, roses and wonderful dinner at my favorite restaurant, a cake, and a pair of red shoes that I have been wanting forever.  Shoes might not sound at all romantic but I have been admiring these shoes for 2 years.  I have been having camera problems so no photo for now but soon.  I also received tons of cards from the kids at school.  I love getting cards made by kids, they always say exactly what they are thinking on them.  Valentine's Day was great too!!  I made a special dinner for hubby, lamb chops, roasted broccoli, wild rice and a chocolate truffle pie.  The pie was a big hit.  The only sad spot has been the passing of our dear neighbor Walter Robertson.  Walter was a WWII vet, who just last week received the Medal of Valor from the French government.  He passed away very quietly on Saturday afternoon. 

Now for the winner of my second birthday give away, Sandie call me crazy in Washington.  Send me your address and I will get your books in the mail.
With everything that has been going on there has been absolutely no sewing, which I am really missing.  Thimbles is this weekend and I am so looking forward to sewing, seeing everyone, and hearing about Elijay.


Lainee said...

I'm curious about Ellijay (notice the two Ls...I have to watch out for three Ls...heavy finger)also. I recall reading another blog about a retreat held in Ellijay and was wondering the location

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Oh thank you! Gosh your life sounded exactly like mine, except I'm not a teacher and we didn't lose a neighbor... I mean the busyness and getting sick. :-/ Hope you are feeling much better and I'm so sorry I almost missed your fabulous giveaway announcement! Thank you so much! Have a great week!