Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can Spring be around the corner?

 It is hard to believe that just a month ago we had snow here in Atlanta.  We have had more snow this winter that I can remember here in Atlanta.  Much to my surprise I discovered that my daffodils are blooming earlier than I can ever remember.  These are  my favorite flowers and these are the first to bloom this year.  I try to plant more bulbs each fall, however, last fall I never did.  I love to have flowers in the yard, but don't always enjoy all of the yard work that comes with having a nice flower garden.  If I did more yard work that would leave less time for quilting!

Lenten Roses are also blooming!!!


Gretchen said...

Great photos. I have the same flowers in my yard. I love them because they are both so low maintenance :)

Elisabeth said...

lucky you, I am envious! This morning we had -12 degrees and there is snow comming in this weekend.