Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm back!!

Did you ever have one of those Christmas's that you just wanted to be over.  I have to admit that this was the first year that has ever happened to to me.  I love Christmas and it takes a lot to dampen my holiday cheer.  This year if it could go wrong it did.  The Sunday before Christmas my hubby's last and favorite uncle died in Virginia.   Bill was 92 and had been sick for several years so in many ways his death was a blessing.  This meant an unexpected trip to Virginia for the funeral.  While there hubby wasn't feeling well, which called for a trip to the doc in the box in Blue Ridge on Christmas Eve; he had a severe ear infection, sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection.  Needless to say he didn't have a lot of Christmas cheer.   One bright spot was on Christmas morning when we got up it was snowing, and it was beautiful.  The bad thing was it snowed all day, we ended up with 8 inches of snow before it was all over with.  I have never seen that much snow here in Georgia before, it was our first white Christmas since the 1800's. 

This is one of the snowmen that I built.  It was great snow for snowmen.
 I had all of these wonderful ideas for pre-Christmas blog postings, now I am just glad that it is over with.


SpinningStar said...

Welcome back - beautiful snow pictures. We were lucky and didn't have any - last years Christmas Eve blizzard in OKC should last us for a while.

Sorry to hear about the favorite uncle and all of the infections. Sometimes life is not nice to us.

Have a happy new year!


Nedra said...

I've been reading about the record breaking snow in your area. I hope your husband is feeling better soon, and you can get back to your quilting.

Becky said...

This is one awesome photo of your cabin.