Sunday, December 12, 2010

All Aboard

Each year I try to do something special for the holidays at school.  After my gypsy wagon earlier this year, I  knew that I had to step it up a little.  I decided to go all out and create a train for the Polar Express.  I had done this a few years ago, but all I did was line up a few chairs and put our some fake snow.  This year I used the same dividers that I used for the wagon, covered them in black paper and created my cowcatcher, along with the headlight and the lights around the top of the train.
One of our teachers even volunteered to create some windows to go on the inside of the train.  They are beautiful.  They kids are so excited about it.  I dress like one of Santa's elves and as I finish the story I get a special delivery from the North Pole, a box of bells.  I keep it in the freezer so it will be really cold when I had them out to the kids.  I even had all of our cafeteria workers and custodians come down on Friday for a reading.  I love my job.


A Quilter Awakens said...

That's awesome Brenda! Karmen

Becky said...

Somehow I missed this post. Awesome!!!!! How lucky for your kids!