Friday, December 17, 2010

Evening with friends

 There is nothing better than getting together with good friends at this time of year, or at any time of year.  Earlier in the year I tried really hard to have friends over once a month for a sewing evening, somehow during the summer things got away from me and this is the first time in months that I have had everyone over.  Karen, Becky, Pat, and Cindy came over to sew, laugh, and drink.  Karen was showing off her new toy, a Kindle.  She has even made a cover for it.  Looks good.
Pat spent most of the evening looking at magazines and enjoying a glass of wine. ( She did bring sewing but no thread)

 Becky is making a scarf, for her son. 

Cindy was working on the binding for this gorgeous quilt.  Cindy looks great, congratulations on the weight loss.

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