Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break with Mom

This last week was our spring break and as I usually do, I headed to Mississippi. I try to spend at least part of the week with her. Since my dad died, she gets very lonesome and looks forward to me coming home. She had lots of odd jobs for me to do around the house, mostly yard work. We spent one entire day working in her yard picking up sticks and small branches. Since my
mom lives in the country we piled all of the sticks and branches up and had a huge fire. We both thought about my dad, his nickname was "Firebug". He loved to burn things. We also spent a lot of time just doing little odd things, taking "stuff" to goodwill, running errands, cleaning gutters, moving her plants outside and some house cleaning. My mom has a huge yard and her lilac bushes were in full bloom along with her wisteria. The wisteria above is right by her drive way. My mom loves working outside and has beautiful plants, she also has quite a few pieces of yard art, the statue of the angel is "Karen" named after the person who gave it to her.
I got back to Atlanta on Thursday night, with my home to do list in mind. Of course, I have done only one thing on my list, buy shoes. I needed new shoes in the worst way, I now have four new pair of shoes. After shoe shopping yesterday and all day today I have helped hubby do yard work. I had really wanted to clean my sewing room and do some sewing, guess that will have to wait.

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Becky said...

Ok. I want to see pictures of the shoes. I have trouble buying shoes. Your Mom's yard looks good. Her Wisteria is gorgeous. Hope you had some relaxing time this week! Are you ready for Monday?