Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't forget to laugh today!!!

"Laugh often, Dream big, Reach for the stars"

Today is Moment of Laughter Day, yes, there is such a day. When I first saw that I thought what a great idea. Most of us, myself included, don't have enough laughter in our lives. I am sitting her thinking about the last time I had a good, all the way down to my toes laugh and it has been a while. Yes I chuckle or maybe even giggle at least once a day, but a good belly busting laugh I don't remember the last time. I am going to have to remedy that, laughter is good for all of us. Laughter makes our problems seem not quite so large and easier to deal with, it makes you live longer, and makes you happy. Don't forget to laugh today.

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Becky said...

Yes. Let's laugh on Friday if not before:) Doing the Chicken Dance all week, I'm sure grinning lots. Today, the 5th grade Focus students working on the computer network, all joined it. Fun:)