Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Administrative Professional Day

I have to be honest, Administrative Professional
Day snuck up on me this year. I had forgotten all
about it until Saturday afternoon. I usually make
something for the people at our school. I was rushing around my sewing room, looking for something cute and quick that I could make four of before Wednesday. I suddenly remembered the Smart Bags that I had purchased the iron on pattern for that I had never used, luckily I had four of them. I quickly found it, then had to dig through my stash to find 8 fat quarters that I could use for the bags. I tried to match the bags up to the people that were getting them, I think I did, hope so. I finished them last night, would have done so earlier but decided to sew buttons on them, that meant that I had to dig through my box of buttons to find some that matched. These bags are really easy to make and I think everyone liked them. I need to order some more of these patterns in case I need other quick gifts.


Becky said...

Your bags look wonderful. What a great gift! Melisa usually carries the "interfacing" to make these bags. I know we discussed "Secretaries Day" at our grade level meeting. I hope someone followed through on our decision. If not, we're in trouble big time:)

Susan said...

Those are cute bags! You were smart to think of them!