Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moda Man comes over

Tuesday night was sewing night at my house, Pat, Becky, and Karin were able to come over. I was really excited that Karin made it this month and that she brought a special guest, Moda Man and his new companion, Bolt. I love what he has done with his car!! Becky and Karin were working on bindings, and our fearless Thimble leader was knitting, yes inglorious knitting. She said it was a washcloth, but I really think that it might have been the beginnings of a bikini. I was working on my Halloween stitchery. I only have two more blocks after this one. I am hoping to have it completely done by Halloween. Special thanks to Becky for the wonderful "sugar free" dessert she brought over. Joe has already told me I need to get her recipe.


Susan said...

It sounds like a fun evening!

Sandra Henderson said...

Cool ride!~you need to bring Moda man over to CUmberland... :)
So happy for you to have your sewing group... I can hear the laughter and fun now... and smell the chocolate! :)