Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

All it has done around here for the last two weeks is rain, and I do mean rain.  If I were smart I probably would have started building an ark.  Our garden is a goner, the rain has just been too much for it along with the sneaky rabbits that have been filling up on the beans and corn.  Over the 4th we decided to take a few days and get away (we thought we would get away from the rain, no such luck).  We drove up to Chattanooga for a visit to the Tennessee Valley Railroad and Museum.  Now DH and I are not huge railroad fans, but thought this would be fun.  We took a six hour train ride from Chattanooga to Chickamauga, GA.  I thought we would see some beautiful scenery, boy was I wrong!! We saw the "other side of the tracks" most definitely.  The train ride itself was fun, but not much to look at outside.  It took about three hours to get to Chickamauga.  The best part of that was we had lunch in the dining car, that was nice.  It was my first time to eat on a train, and I would definitely recommend that, the boys who waited   on us were so nice and definitely added to the experience.
The Dining Car

Looking out of the window at the other train cars, through the rain.

Civil War Cannons (in the rain)
After lunch we arrived for an 1 1/2 hour stop in the town of Chickamauga.  Not a  lot to do there,(in the rain) we did tour the Gordon-Lee Home, it was very nice, and of course there was a quilt shop in town that I just had to visit.  I was a good girl, (probably because DH was with me) I didn't buy anything.  The trip back took longer due to the fact that two trees had fallen on the tracks while we were in Chickamauga.  It took a while for the trees to be removed from the tracks.  This is something that you definitely only need to do once.  We spent the night in Chattanooga, and had planned on taking a boat ride on the TN river on Sunday, but you've got it since it was raining we decided to cut our trip a little short and come home. 

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