Thursday, December 27, 2012

Putting Christmas away

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love Christmas!!  For as long as I can remember I have been a Christmas fanatic. When growing up, I would start right after Halloween asking my mom when we could start decorating for  Christmas, she always made me wait until after Thanksgiving.  We always cut our tree from somewhere on our property, except for the few years we had one of those silver aluminum trees.  Since we had a real tree we usually waited until about a week before Christmas to put it up and it would come down the day after Christmas.  Now I put my tree up right after Thanksgiving, but still take it down the day after Christmas.  I always think a tree looks sad with no presents under it.  This year I had two trees to take down, the one to the right is in our house in Atlanta, it is an artificial tree, and I could leave it up but like I said it looks sad with no presents under it.  I took all day today but it is down.  Nothing is back where it should be, but it is down.

This was our tree at the cabin, where we actually spent Christmas, this one was real.  We put it up the weekend before Christmas, and it came  down the day after Christmas before we left to head back to Atlanta.  I loved decorating two trees, but don't like to undecorate them.  Once everything gets back in place tomorrow, I can get back to sewing and quilting.

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Karmen Sunshine said...

That's such a beautiful tree!