Friday, December 7, 2012

Kindergarten Fun

I love Christmas, and there is no better place to get in the Christmas spirit than an elementary school.  All of the kids and teachers are so excited about Christmas!!  All of our kindergarten teachers are using the elf on the shelf to bribe their students into being good.  Each kindergarten class has a special elf in the room, (you can't touch it or it looses its magical powers!)  the elf leaves after school each day to report to Santa and comes back in a different spot each morning.  The students in each room have named their elves.  This is Zoom, Zoom 
This is Max.

This is Belle.
 Sometimes the elf doesn't work and teachers have to change tactics.  This teacher uses a Frosty the snowman hat and when a student has Fabulous Frosty Behavior they get to wear the hat.  Too Cute. 

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