Friday, November 30, 2012

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If it could go wrong this week it has.  Don't you hate weeks like that?  It has been a really long week at work.  One of our AP's at school was promoted to principal of his own school, today was his last day, he will really, really be missed.  Good Luck to Dave!  I have also had blogger problems loading photos, finally got that taken care of today.  Technology can be a wonderful think, but it can also be a huge pain.  I rushed to get the three advent calendars made and in the mail so they would arrive by December 1st.  Finally finished the last one on Monday night, the one for my great niece, and got them in the mail on Tuesday.  Thankfully they arrived on Wednesday, in time for the first of the month.  Leisa did a great job quilting them.  I also had to go to the doctor this week to have my foot looked at. I knew what was wrong with it before I went, I have bunions, one on each side of my foot. I had surgery on  my left foot for the same thing a couple of years ago, and now the right foot has decided that it wanted to have bunions also.  This time the doctor couldn't give me a steroid shot to help with the pain, so it looks like I will just have to deal with it until I can have surgery, which will probably be next summer.  I have wanted to get started on Easy Street all week, but the fabric is still stacked up in my sewing room, maybe tomorrow.

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