Sunday, November 18, 2012

One down, two more to go

I don't usually wait until the last minute to get things made, but this fall I have just been unable to "get it together".  I decided back in the summer to make three advent calendars for the little people in my family, thought it would make great Christmas presents!!  I did get started, bought fabric and decided on patterns, but that was about it.  Then a couple of weeks ago I realized I was running out of time and needed to get in gear.  I finally got busy. Two are like the one you see to the right, the other is completely different.  Got the background to Leisa to get quilted for the two stocking advent calendars.  Amazingly she got it back to me in just a couple of days.  Finished one of them today, good thing since it is heading to Mississippi with me tomorrow.  The other one like this is almost finished.  It along with the other one will go in the mail next Monday. 

Closeup of stockings. This was really easy to make, don't know why I waited so  long.

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