Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salvation Army shopping

A couple of weeks ago I wandered into the Salvation Army store down the street from the school where I work.  I had never been in there, for no other reason that I had simply not taken the time to go in.  It was a Wednesday afternoon, and lucky for me, it was 1/2 price clothing day.  I bought 4 wool skirts to use for wool applique. 

I took them room, cut them apart and felted them.  Three of the skirts came out really nice, one just ok.  (the red plaid one didn't do too well).  I am so excited over the way they turned out.  Now I just need to find a wool applique project to use them in. If anyone has a great suggestion for a cute fall applique pattern that uses wool I would love to hear about it.    I am also thinking about dyeing some of the wool. Can't wait to see how that would turn out.

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Doniene said...

What a find!!! WTG!!! I'm not much of a wool appliquer (is that a word? lol) but I know Jan Patek has some really cute patterns - you might google her and see! Looking forward to seeing your project!!