Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Organizing, again!!!

I wish the organizing fairy would  come to my house.  I try really hard to keep everything organized but no matter how hard I try, I still have a  mess.  I discovered that my thread was in just too much of a mess, I had no idea what thread I had and how  much.  This is a photo of the drawer where I had thrown all of my thread, and I do mean thrown. 
After seeing the neat thread organizers that my friend Becky had purchased, I decided that this was something that I definitely needed.  I ordered two of these thread cases from Connecting Threads.  They are wonderful, there is space on both sides of the container for thread.  I organized it by color, one cases has all neutral threads the other one has all of my different colors.  I still have some spools that wouldn't fit but for the most part all of my thread is now wonderfully organized.

After the thread came working on patterns.  I admit that I am a pattern alcoholic.  I have so  many patterns, some I have used others I just hope to use one day!  I had been keeping them in the original plastic bag they were purchased in a unfortunately had just been throwing them in plastic tubs.  Anytime I wanted a pattern I had to look through all of the tubs.  Not easy, which also lead to purchasing duplicates of several patterns.  I am in the process of putting all of my patterns in plastic sleeves and placing them in binders.  I have some already done, and thought that I had a photo, it must be out there in blog land somewhere.  Now if I can just keep everything organized and get to sewing.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

organization does make the creativity flow better. Good job.

Mommarock said...

Wowwie! Zowie! I'm in the process of creating a sewing room, so pictures or your organization are a real inspiration to what mine could look like someday. I hope you share more pictures with us. I love the idea of putting the patterns in a binder. They make those plastic sleeves, and I could put them in there in Alphabetical order, or even put a special tab for Christmas ones. Bags, Table runners etc. Love that idea!!

Doniene said...

Way to go!!! Always a good feeling to get things "under control" hope it lasts longer for you than me!! LOL


Kathie said...

had to smile , I think we all have bought the same pattern more then once!
always feel like i am getting organized, I just think I need a bigger sewing room!