Thursday, October 11, 2012

Festival Quilts

Yesterday I told you about the Fall Festival at the John C. Campbell Folk School, all except the quilts. There were  more quilts on display this year than in past years, or I just don't remember all of them.  I didn't get photos of all of them because there were just too many people wandering around the room where they were on display.  The one to the right is made out of flannel and homespun, it reminded me of an Amish Quilt, very nice.

The one above, (which I think the photo is sideways, but I can't get it to rotate) is a sampler quilt (as you can tell).  It caught my eye because it has red, and my two favorite block patterns, the log cabin and a star. 
Love this one, made by Sammie Simpson.
Liked this one just because of the name, Joe Pye Weed. 
I would love to take either a quilt class or a dyeing class at the Folk School, but it is too expensive for me now, plus most of the classes are a week long and I just can't take off from work to  play for a week!!

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