Friday, June 1, 2012

Quilting at the Cabin

The summer is officially here, I know that because I just came back from three days at the cabin sewing with Becky and Pat.  Usually Kristie goes with us, but unfortunately her dog Toby was sick and she had to cancel on us.  We really missed her but had a great time.  (so good that my butt hurts from sitting and sewing so much)   
We had plenty of food to keep us going!!

I worked on the strips for the last trade that we did.

More of the last trade, 1 1/2 inch dark and light floral strips.  I made a good start on these.

Becky got the borders on her retirement quilt.  It is a great quilt.  The photo isn't that great, the white blocks are signature blocks that have a signature plus the person's favorite book.  Becky plans on displaying it in her sewing room.

A blue and tan trade that Becky was working on, lots of squaring up!
This is my finish.  I plan on giving this to my brother for Christmas.  I bought this fabric in Paducah 6 years ago.  I really am trying to deplete my stash.
This has become my unofficial start to the summer.   This is our fourth sewing trip to the cabin, it is a great way for  me to unwind from the school year and start the summer.  It was great for Pat to get away after the last month that she has had. She even discovered Shock Top!!!  Becky had a great time  away from the house, but did miss Rusty. 

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kristie said...

You did get alot done on the strips! I have mine going into rows....still working on! I did miss going so much!! However Toby is better that I stayed...k