Monday, June 25, 2012

Community Quilt Show

 For the last few years, DH and I have attended the Communtiy Quilt Exhibit at The Art Center in Blue Ridge and I have said I wanted to enter a couple of my quilts.  Well time always got away from me and I never got my quilts entered.  This year I vowed that things would be different.  I have not one, but four quilts in the show, I am so excited. 
Poster advertising the show.

I love the "old timey" look of this quilt. 

This is one of mine!!!  The pattern is Glory Bound from Red Crinoline Quilts.  It is one of my all time favorite quilts.  This was also a Silver Thimble Kit

This one is mine too!!  I made this one four years ago, I started it the week before I had a hysterctomy and finished it during my recovery.  I was unable to walk down the steps to  my sewing room, so I had to go outside around the back yard and walk in the basement until I could do steps again.  This is DH's favorite quilt in the show.

The photo doesn't do this  quilt jsutice, it was really striking in person.

This is mine, also.  It is one of the first quilts I ever finished.  I think it is where I got my love for start quilts.  (Have you noticed that all of my quilts in the show have stars on them?)  This was also the first quilt I made from batiks, they really didn't photograph that well.

Cute basket quilt.  This one was completely done by hand, the stitching was incredible on it.

Lots of tiny half square triangles.
If you are in the area please stop by there are  a lot of wonderful quilts in the show. It has even been extended to July 21.


Pat said...

Congratulations!! Your quilts are beautiful.

Pat said...

Congratulations!! Your quilts are beautiful.