Friday, May 25, 2012

To Read or Quilt, that is the question

Some days it is a struggle to decide how to spend free time, (with school winding down, free time is something that I don't have a lot of now)  do I read or do I quilt.  Lately the reading has been winning the contest.  I have read several really good books and a few just ok ones.  My friend Becky loaned me Quilt by Assocition by Arlene Sachitano, it is part of the Harriett Truman series.  Last year while in Houston, Becky and I met Mrs. Sachitano; I purchased one book, the first in the series Quilt as Desired, while Becky got this one.  We are just now getting around to trading.  I like this series, it is one that you can read and really not have to think about.  (believe me at this time of year that's a good thing.)  Harriet Truman, a widow, has moved into her Aunt's home and taken over her long arm quilting business.  It doesn't take Harriet long to find her niche in the community, especially when she becomes involved in solving a murder. 

I also just read Red Mist  by Patricia Cornwell.  I have to admit this was not my favorite Scarpetta novel.  At one time I was a huge fan, but the last few in the series haven't been able to hold my attention. For me,this one was too long, and moved way too slow.  After I read it a friend told me that you really needed to read the prior one in the series before you read this one.  Of course I haven't read it.  If I  had I might have liked this one better.   This one has the usual cast of characters, Kay, Marino, Lucy, and Benton.  Kay is looking into the death of a former colleague, Jack Fielding.  Don't want to give too much away, if you like this series and read the one before this, you will probably like it.  However,   I think I will take a break from the Scarpetta books for a while.

I really, really enjoyed Fall from Grace by Richard North Patterson,  it is a good old fashioned mystery.  The book opens with the main character Adam returning to Martha's Vineyard after the death ( or possible murder) of his father, a famous writer.  After the funeral Adam discovers that his father disinherited his wife, brother, and uncle in favor of his mistress, and Adam's former college girlfriend.  Adam,  the executor of  the will decides to stay long enough to find out why his father changed his will and why.  The book is full of surprises and several different twists and turns.  Would make a great beach read.
I discovered this series by accident a couple of years ago and have become quite attached to Theo and all of her crime solving friends.  In this installment Theo is falls under suspicion when her former flame, Parker is found dead in an aquarium.  It doesn't take her long to realize that she must try to solve the case or end up in prison.  Great summer time read.
What is not to like about this book.  It is one of those books that makes you feel good when you finish reading it.  The book opens on Margot's 40 birthday, not a great day for her since she is still single and desperately wants a family.  Her friend Abigal starts playing matchmaker, and you know that all will turn out well in the end.  A new character is introduced, Phillipa, the new minister in town.  Phillipa is a widow, daughter of a very famous minister, and not a great speaker.  The two women become friends as they face life's difficulties. 

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Good book reviews; I might try one or two of your recommendations this summer. Karmen