Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gwinnett Quilters Guild

 Tuesday was meeting day for the Gwinnett Guild, fortunately I was able to attend this month.  I am usually at work and can't attend the  meetings,  June and July are the only  meetings that I make.  ( unless it is a really good one and I take time off from work. from work).  The speaker this month was Sue Reich, speaking about quilts from World War II.  The program was wonderful, full of history and great personal stories. 

As you can image many of the quilts are red, white and blue. 
This quilt was  made from Sweetheart pillows.  The pillows were purchased by soldiers at the various military bases and sent home.
This quilt was made from a flag and a banner.  The banner was awarded to companies that supported the war effort.
This is a special wall hanging that was made from the uniforms of concentration camp victims.  It thanks the German Army for rescuing the Jews there.

Two very different "V" quilts of the period.

I could have listened to Sue talk all day about the quilts of this time period.  I never thought about these quilts before.  Many are just now coming to view because the wives of t he greatest generation are beginning to pass away and the quilts are being discovered in attics, trunks and closets.  It is amazing to think that women still had time to quilt, and join the work force, take care of their familes while their husbands, brothers and fathers were fighting. 


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a wonderful program! Thanks for taking the photo's! I would've loved being there too. Have a happy day!

Becky said...

Thanks for doing this post! Your photos are lots better than mine.