Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DH's Birthday

 Yesterday was my DH's birthday, Happy Birthday.  I usually take the day off and we do something together, but I since I don't have a clerk this year, and I have already taken several days off for unexpected events I decided to work.  One reason I take the day off, is I cook him something special and I don't like to be rushed when I am doing it.  Yesterday we had Shrimp Fettuccine with cream sauce, fresh croissants, salad with honey balsamic dressing and for dessert decadent Chocolate pudding.  (his favorite dessert)  For the first time I made him something (that he could actually wear out in public), I was inspired by a fellow blogger last year to  make him a camo fleece top.  It was  my first experience sewing with fleece and it went together perfectly.  I think that he liked it.  I should  have made it a tiny little big bigger but it fits.

Camo fleece shirt

The first year we were together I got him an ornament for his birthday and it has become a tradition.  I usually get him an animal ornament or some type of outdoorsy one, this year he got a bear.  I bought it because it had such a goofy look on its face. 

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