Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a great day!!

There was no school yesterday, most people thought because of Columbus Day, but it was really a furlough day.  I didn't care why there was no school, just really excited that I got to stay at home for the day.  My DH left on Sunday afternoon for Savannah and wasn't going to come back until Monday night, that meant that I had the house to myself for a the day.  I love my hubby and missed him a lot, but had a great day doing what I wanted.  I finished a book, Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson.  It was a part of her Goldy the caterer series, very entertaining.   I did some cleaning in my sewing room, sometimes I feel like I do more cleaning that sewing.  My friend Becky, over at the Quilting Booklady has inspired me to decorate.  I decided on a color scheme, red, yellow, and turquoise.  Not my usual colors except for red of course.  It will probably be after the holidays before I do anything, but I can plan and decide on a new layout. 
Then it was sewing time.  I had three pair of boxer shorts cut out for my hubby and I made all three pair yesterday.  Two were for Christmas, the ones from the money fabric were out for him when he came home.  They were a big hit.  Thanks to either Kristie or Becky for the fabric, I can't remember who gave it to me.  After sewing I decided to make a dinner that I normally wouldn't have time to make after coming home from school.  I made roasted chicken with potatoes, onions, and butternut squash.  We also had green beans and homemade bread.  The only thing missing was desert.  All in all it was a great day, now I am counting the days to Houston!!

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