Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Farmer's Wife Blocks

 While off from work on Monday I was determined to catch up on my Farmer's Wife blocks.  (that didn't happen)  I came to the conclusion that those templates were a pain in the ****.  I remembered that when I got the book I also got the CD with the paper piecing foundation patterns, all I had to do was find it.  It took a while, (that is one reason I did some cleaning in my sewing room).  After finding the book, I had to figure out how to print the block patterns, that took awhile.  By the time I had done all of this I was to over it and didn't feel like making very many blocks.  I did get four made.   
Bow Tie
Big Dipper
Attic Window, I really like this one.
Box, yes that is the name of it, and I can see that I need to pick some threads off of it. 

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