Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day.  The leaves have started changing and falling, which means I was out there on Saturday raking leaves.  My goal this year is to stay ahead of them and not let them get too bad.  Luckily it didn't take too long to get them up.  After my yard work, I went in and made a huge pot of chili.  I never follow a recipe when making chili, so I never exactly how it will turn out.  I have to admit this was one of the best batches I have ever made.  DH loved it, he didn't even add additional hot sauce.  While the chili was simmering I went back to the Farmer's Wife.  I managed to get four blocks made.  I am really enjoying making these, now that I am doing the paper piecing. 
Contrary Wife, it was a contrary block, I made this one twice.

Bat Wing


Friendship Star, this is my favorite from this week. 


Becky said...

Great fall photo! Your chili sounds wonderful. I'm wanting to make meatloaf:) Enjoyed visiting with you on Friday!

Ann Marie said...

OH I want that pic to be my driveway someday... When I make chili it is called leftover pantry chili. Whatever leftovers are in the fridge go in it, and if I need more, I just start opening cans from the pantry and dumping them into the pot. No two pots are ever the same.