Friday, June 24, 2011

What next????

Bad things usually come in threes, well we have two down and one to go.  Last Wednesday after coming home from a day out doing quilting things we had a tree come down in our back yard.  It was the last dogwood tree in our backyard and luckily it wasn't too big and didn't do a lot of damage.  It was just a lot of working getting it cut up and off of the deck.  Mishap number two was a little bit harder to take care of.  On Wednesday I went down in the part of our basement that isn't finished and found that one of our pipes was leaking.  Without thinking I starting moving things so they wouldn't get wet.  I called DH down and he informed me that is was one of the pipes that carries sewage out to the septic tank, Oh Joy, and here I had been walking all in it with no shoes on.  Ick!!!!!!  Needless to say I took a hot shower immediately.  The plumber came today to take care of it, and found another leak, so he will be back next week.  Our house was build in the early 1960's and we still have the original pipes.   More money, more money.  I can't wait to see what the next catastrophe is going to be.


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Oh yikes! I feel for you~ I hope #3 is an easy one. Have a good weekend!

grendelskin said...

I think the septic pipe counts as two so hopefully you're all done!

SpinningStar said...

I really understand the troubles in three...good luck and Ihope nothing else happens.