Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Hot!!!!

It is definitely Hotlanta this weekend, the temperature has been up in the 90's this weekend. Normally it doesn't get this hot until sometime in July. The heat doesn't seem to be bothering our tomato plants so far, hopefully we will keep getting rain each week on them. I did get out today to tie them up again. I use the selvage off of my fabric to tie the tomatoes up. I can always tell what quilt I was working on when I see the fabric used to tie up the tomatoes. We have 15 tomato plants and 9 pepper plants, that is about all that we have room for in our backyard. Most of the back yard is too shady for a garden. I do like to have fresh tomatoes and different kinds of peppers during the summer.


Sandra Henderson said...

I do the same thing with my "strings"~always have! :)
They'll be fine, just keep em watered... It's SO HOT here! Let me tell ya how hot it is... I had a friend weed whack the doggie yard... while he was at it, he felt sorry for me and weed whacked between my rows in the garden! :)
Hey, I dont' care, except he sheared my Sea Island Cotton, but it will grow back... He didn't get the roots! XO

Becky said...

That one good use of selvages!