Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Week

This has been an incredibly busy week so far. Tuesday was our anniversary, I can't believe that it has been 13 years. It doesn't seem that long, but Joe tells everyone this was our 20th, because we were together 7 years before we married. He always makes me feel so special, I came home to find two dozen roses in a variety of vases. They are gorgeous. We went out for a special dinner to our favorite Italian place, it was great. I gave Joe a hammock, that isn't here yet, it was back ordered and he gave me some beautiful earrings.

One goal for the summer was to finish some of my projects. I have been working on a quilt to use our our bed for over a year, I am determined to finish it this summer. It has been one of those projects that I really wanted to finish, but one that I knew I had to concentrate on to get everything to match up. I finally today finished all of the blocks, all 156 of them, now I have to finish the 1/2 blocks that are part of the border. I sewed one row together to make sure that it was the right width for the bed. I really like it and now can't wait to get it finished and to the quilter.


Sandra Henderson said...

Happy Anniversary! 20 years it IS! Congratulations! :)
So sweet to find all those gorgeous roses like that. Much better to scatter them around the house and enjoy in every room!~Great idea Quilting Cowgirl's Husband! Earrings too?!?! oooh la la!
Listen honey, I STILL don't have a finished king quilt for our bed. I have top! LOTS of tops! My poor hubby, he's the last one to get anything... Every quilt he asks, who is that one for?!?! I'm a terrible wife. XO

Becky said...

Happy Day to you and Joe! We celebrated all week in Florida! Your roses are gorgeous. Don't you just love roses? The quilt top for your bed is wonderful! It will look fabulous on that new bed. I've started a list and packing for Monday. I'm beginning to get excited. Hope to oil my machine today. Cooking for Marion's family, but we are taking the meal to his sister's house:) I don't have to clean that way:)

Micki said...

Happy anniversary! I have a Joe too, and we have just celebrated our 13th anniversary, so what a coincidence!
Lovely roses too...I got red roses too. We must be living a mirror life of each other.