Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free at Last!

Yeah, I am finally free to get out of the house. Thursday the doctor took off the bandages and told me I could start getting out and about again. Thank you!! I know I was only in the house for a week, but it felt much longer. I have not wasted any time, Friday I spent part of the day with some good friends, it was so much fun. Today has been spent doing dreaded household chores that we not done last week. It took a little longer than usual to get them finished, but they are done for another week. Before I was given my freedom I did manage to finish another block from the Carrie Hall BOM that I started last year. I think this is the 4th block that I have finished. I am really taking my time and trying to get the applique just perfect. I don't have a lot of experience with applique, I have taken a class, but still haven't done that much with it. I stepped out of my box for this quilt, my friend Krisite is doing it in homespuns, I wanted to do something a little different so I went with batiks. I am not that much into batiks, but they are easy to applique. I like it that the block background isn't batik, I think that would have been too much.

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Susan said...

Yeah! I know how it feel to be free after having surgery. Your Carrie Hall block looks great!