Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Magazine

I have really been trying to not buy as many magazines as usual. I subscribe to several quilting magazines, plus Martha Stewart, Country Living, Paula Deen, and Cook's Country. It is all I can do some months to keep up with those. However, last week I saw the newest issue of Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts and I loved the quilt on the cover. I am attracted to any pattern that includes stars. I picked it up and started looking through it, then found two other quilts that I loved. The one on the cover is called Primary Stars and was made from scraps, and my new mission is to use as many of my scraps as possible. Another pattern that I really liked is called Charade and could easily be made from scraps. It also has stars on it. These were my two favorite patterns in the magazine, although there were two others that I really liked. Both of these will have to go in the "Quilt in Waiting" stack.
One plus to both of these patterns is that they are quick and easy, with fairly large pieces and simple settings.

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Becky said...

We like the Cook's Country magazine, too. Do you watch the TV show on PBS? I like the photo of Charade. I'm home on the couch. Inventory .....