Thursday, April 23, 2009

Virtual quilt show

I first read about the virtual quilt show last several days ago on the Quiltville Yahoo group. I then saw that my friends Becky and Gretchen had blogged about their favorite quilts. I wanted to include my favorite quilt but I had two problems. The first problem I couldn't decide on my favorite quilt, secondly I had camera problems and needed to take new photos of my the tow that I had narrowed it down to. The first one I thought of was my Olivia quilt, this is the quilt that I keep at school. It is made from the Olivia fabric that came out several years ago. Olivia is one of my favorite characters and I really like pigs so this was my first thought for favorite quilt. It is also the first quilt that I went all out on the label. I went online and found an image that I could use of Olivia carrying books and saying reading never wears me out; since quilting and reading are two of my passions this was perfect.

After thinking, I decided that my favorite quilt is the one below with the neutrals and the red stars. Red is my all time favorite color, and I had been collecting neutrals for a while. This is one of the first quilts that I made that wasn't a kit. I love it. I am really thinking about making it again using black fabric instead of the red for the stars. That will probably be a project for another time!
Check out all of the beautiful quilts at Park City Girl. It has been a treat to look at all of them.


Becky said...

Your label on the Olivia quilt is great. I love that quilt. The neutral quilt would look awesome with black stars. Thanks for sharing your quilts!

Betweens said...

found you through BHdesigns yahoo.. I really love your fabrics for the red stars and neutrals. I love neutrals and you mixed them very well...loved the stories behind you quilts thanks for taking the time to share.