Monday, April 27, 2009

Wildflower Festival

For the last several years my husband and I have gone to the Wildflower Festival in Gatlinburg, TN. It is the last full week in April every year. Due to our jobs however, we just go up for the weekend. I left school early on Friday and we headed up to get there in time to pick up our hike information. Our first hike was scheduled for Saturday morning at 8:30, there were three guides, each with a different speciality. We felt lucky that one of the guides was an expert on survival in the wilderness, (he is a consultant to Man vs Wild on the Discovery channel) Joe great outdoors man wanted to listen to him. It was a wonderful hike, the wildflowers were all in bloom and I now know what I can eat, and where I can find water in the woods. But with my luck I would not be lost in the spring and if the plants didn't look the same I would have no clue. Our second hike in the afternoon was also very good. It was in an area of the park that we had not previously hiked. The trillium's were in full bloom, the one above is a painted trillium. We took our time driving back yesterday, stopping to do a shop walk on our own, people watching in Cherokee, NC. Cherokee has a Bike week the same week as the Wildflower Festival every year. I enjoy the ride through Cherokee just to look at everyone.

One thing I did enjoy seeing this year was the
painted bears. The Cherokee commissioned
25 native artist to paint bears representing
their culture. This one represents sunset. They are all magnificent.

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Becky said...

What a great weekend to be in Tennessee. I love wildflowers! The painted bear is awesome. My hometown had some decorated Pelicans. They were auctioned to local folks and businesses. We loved going around town to see them. Your weekend sounds perfect!