Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thimble Finger Salute!!

I had so much fun last Friday night at Thimbles. I was great to have our exalted Thimble leader back, she is the best even when she is on pain meds. The project for the month was her pattern for a full body pillow. I managed to get the top done, now I just have to do some quilting and make the back for it. (this is Pat's sample). I told myself I could only buy one kit a quarter, and I had already bought one, but I decided to give this to someone as a present, that way it doesn't really count.

Pat also shared with us the quilts for the next quarter. I kept my promise to myself and only ordered one kit. I fell in love with the one for June. Here are our kits for next quarter. The first one is the kit I decided to purchase. It is from one of our local quilt shops, Little Quilts. The other two kits are from Sweet Home. Which is your favorite?


Nancy Anne said...

I really, really like the first one! I see we have the same tastes. I'll keep checking to see how you do with it.

Gretchen said...

I am trying to resist but I may have to break down and buy a project for next quarter. Resist, resist!!!